Our Mission

Bringing people together to positively transform Macomb County, strengthening its communities, economy and natural resources.

About Macomb County

In the past 10 years, Macomb County has experienced the most population growth (6.7%) of any county in Michigan and, with 840,978 residents, it is the third most populous county in the state. Macomb County is home to more than 130 parks covering 12,000 acres, has four major public parks (Freedom Hill County Park, Macomb Orchard Trail, Lake St. Clair Metropark and Stoney Creek Metropark) and is recognized for its 89.34 square miles of water including Lake St. Clair, which borders the County on the east.

Economic Snapshot

Macomb County is heralded for its natural resources, proud residents known for their strong work ethic, a business friendly environment, excellent schools from Pre-K through Community College, a talented workforce and affordable housing. It is also seen as a region with a strong industrial base and growing cultural diversity. People move to Macomb because of the schools, effective leadership and excellent business environment.

  • 18,000 businesses
  • Strong manufacturing sector – automotive, defense, robotics, materials production and medical
  • Growing college-educated population
  • Strong technical education programs

The County is anchored by a robust infrastructure and a surging workforce. These two community characteristics establish Macomb County as a location of choice for businesses engaged in engineering, research and development, and advanced manufacturing. With approximately 34,000 acres of industrial and institutional land, Macomb County has the capacity to service existing and new business.


You may be wondering just how you can help Macomb create an enriching environment to live, learn, recreate, innovate, and conduct business. If we work together we can truly become the unified voice of Macomb County. Whether you reside in Macomb, or own a business in the county, we can partner to keep investment and growth strong.

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About Advancing Macomb

Advancing Macomb is a business and community leadership group representing 20 leading employers, three principal business organizations and the largest higher educational institution in Macomb County, an area encompassing approximately 900,000 residents and 18,000 businesses. Our organization is committed to enhancing local communities by leveraging a unified civic leadership voice throughout the Detroit region.