A Seed Now Firmly Rooted

August 26, 2016 Blog Post

Since its inception in 2013, The Little Mustard Seed Café and Shoppe has been serving farm-to-table meals. The menu at the café is varied, but with one goal: to provide customers with the freshest, most delicious, organic and gluten-free meals and beverages – and, perhaps, for an unexpected reason.

Martin Manna – The Chaldean Chamber and Foundation

August 16, 2016 Blog Post

Chaldeans have a history dating all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia, and are indigenous to Iraq, Syria, and parts of Iran and Turkey. Iraq has the largest population of Chaldeans followed by Syria. Chaldeans are Eastern Rite Catholics who have their own patriarch in Baghdad with the Pope being the highest authority. Chaldeans speak Aramaic, which is the oldest continuous language in the world and the language spoken by Jesus Christ.

Andy Appleby-General Sports

August 16, 2016 Blog Post