Amorie Smith – Advancing Macomb Summer 2018 Intern

June 26, 2018 Blog Post

Amorie Smith is Advancing Macomb’s intern for the summer of 2018. At 18 years old, she is a graduate this year from Warren Mott Highschool. She will further her education at Michigan State University studying psychology and journalism. Amorie's interest in psychology stems from her empathetic abilities and is intrigued by the inner workings of the human brain, its triggers, and how one makes decisions.

Career Technical Education and Apprenticeships Grow in Macomb County

June 20, 2018 Blog Post

As the cost of college grows and the need for skilled trade workers is making news, the focus on career technical education and apprenticeships is becoming sharper. While Macomb County is a center of manufacturing in a variety of industries such as automotive, defense, and aerospace, it is also a center of some excellent career technical education and apprenticeship programs.

Who’s Advancing in Macomb: Fran-Marie Silveri, Founding Member of La Grasso, Abdo & Silveri, PLLC of Sterling Heights

June 20, 2018 Blog Post

Attorney Fran-Marie Silveri is a Macomb County native who is growing her legal practice in estate planning and administration. Silveri is a founding member of La Grasso, Abdo & Silveri, PLLC of Sterling Heights.

Who’s Advancing in Macomb: John Nitz, Founding Member, O’Reilly Rancilio P.C.

June 20, 2018 Blog Post

John Nitz is a founding member of O’Reilly Rancilio P.C. and has served as a Director since 1984. John is a current board member of Advancing Macomb and a founding member of Leadership Macomb. He believes in good leadership and feels that an individual can be a leader in their family, business, church and greater community. John has represented numerous family-owned manufacturing and service businesses and has prepared estate plans and succession plans for many business owners. He provides estate and trust administration services and serves as a trustee for numerous family trusts. 

Who’s Advancing in Macomb: Jake Howlett, Partner, Viviano Law/Viviano, Pagano & Howlett PLLC

June 20, 2018 Blog Post

Jake Howlett is a Partner at Viviano Law in Mount Clemens specializing in commercial litigation and real estate law.  Jake joined Viviano Law in early 2011, bringing with him a wealth of experience both as an attorney and business executive at a large real estate development company. Recently, Jake was an integral part of breaking news in Detroit as the lead outside counsel for the Moroun family in the sale of the storied Michigan Central Station sale to Ford Motor Company.  Jake noted that as real estate deals go, this one was exciting for its scope, size and for the redevelopment possibilities for Detroit. While every deal is important to each client, Jake noted, “it was fun and challenging to help complete a deal of this scope and public importance.”