Baker Industries Grows into it’s 25th Year

March 30, 2017 Blog Post

Advancing Macomb is a proud sponsor of the Macomb Business Awards, which showcases innovative businesses across Macomb county. Our featured company is the winner of the Diversification Leader Award, Baker Industries, who is also celebrating 25 years in the business. Baker shares with Advancing Macomb how diversification and customer satisfaction drive their continued success.

Growing More Green

March 30, 2017 Blog Post

We’ve all heard about ash trees dying in mass due to this pest called the emerald ash borer, but have we taken inventory of what has happened to our neighborhoods as a result?  Well, when Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development participated in a Regional Green Infrastructure study in 2012, we learned just how devastated our urban forest canopy has become.  Not just the ash trees have been affected.  Before that was the Dutch elm disease, and we also need to account for those trees lost due to aging, utility repairs, and storm damage.  When we looked at the data, it became very evident that the areas in Macomb County along and south of the Main Branch of the Clinton River were hit especially hard within the southeast Michigan region.  Hit so hard that we barely have 50 percent of what is recommended by U.S. Forestry standards.