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Baker Industries Grows into it’s 25th Year

Posted on March 30, 2017

Advancing Macomb is a proud sponsor of the Macomb Business Awards, which showcases innovative businesses across Macomb county. Our featured company is the winner of the Diversification Leader Award, Baker Industries, who is also celebrating 25 years in the business. Baker shares with Advancing Macomb how diversification and customer satisfaction drive their continued success.

Starting out small in 1992, Baker has grown significantly and is still -privately-owned. They have grown into a tier one and a tier two supplier in the automotive and aerospace industries. Their growth is a testament to their ultra-responsive attitude towards their customers. Baker Industries was built by people that are designers, engineers, machinists and fabricators that are very passionate about what they do. They build the tools that make their customer’s products work. They are creative, sharp, and dedicated to figuring out how they can make every project better – more ergonomic, lighter, more precise, faster and smarter.

Never forgetting their roots beginning as Baker Duplicating, a three-person duplicating shop in 1992, they transitioned to Baker Machining & Mold Technologies 2000 and in 2011, created Baker Aerospace. By investing in design, engineering, fabrication, machining, tooling, and most recently, 3D printing, they can provide their customers a greater breadth and depth of services. They are now pushing forward boldly, growing, innovating and energized with the new name and new look of Baker Industries.

Their 25-year milestone provided Baker a prime opportunity to reposition and rebrand their business to better demonstrate their forward momentum and bold attitude. 25 years ago, Baker industries started small, survived through historical economic downturns and even grew into a larger and more successful company. Baker attributes a great deal of this success to hard work. They also like to think, however, that their years of success can be attributed to a combination of the ability to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of the manufacturing world and the persistent dedication to solving their customers most complex challenges along with a dedicated team of experts.

At the heart of their accomplishments is listening to their customers, the willingness to take risks, and the grit to provide a better product and better service. Responding to customer challenges and feedback has pushed Baker to continuously improve. The leadership and team at Baker know that the manufacturing world is an ever-changing place that necessitates an ever-changing business model. The desire and ability to change is a key ingredient to their to-date success and how they plan for the next 25 years.

They also know that building upon industry leadership and expertise requires further dedication, innovation, and execution of critical strategies. It’s part of their culture that the goals are challenging and the work is hard but the rewards high. Their 25-year milestone provides them an opportunity to both reflect on the past and to look forward to the future. As they celebrate, they want to say “Thank You” to their customers and employees, both past and present because they understand that people are their most important resource. Baker feels that the last 25 years has made them a proven, prepared and a proud competitor that is ready for the future.

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