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Advancing Macomb: Connecting Opportunity to Need

Posted on February 25, 2020

Advancing Macomb launched a new strategic plan in 2020 to provide for a clear, concise identity for our organization that addresses community needs. Our goal is to strengthen Macomb County by connecting community challenges with high-impact solutions. To do this, we are identifying the ways we can serve as the conduit between community need and untapped opportunities. 

To create a base map for what some of those needs and challenges are, Advancing Macomb commissioned Oakland University to conduct an environmental scan of non-profit organizations in Macomb County to better identify and understand the organizations that currently serve our community. This scan also includes county municipalities to find out more about their capacity and goals for quality of life projects for residents. The data gathered will outline the scope, scale, needs and barriers for community development organizations that serve Macomb County residents. 

This direction continues to build oureputation as a well-known regional organization with credible, passionate leaders and a strong networkThis three-year strategic plan will provide the foundational building blocks to ensure a strong future for our organization, helping us to fulfill our mission over time, to become a pillar of trust and leadership in Macomb County and beyond.  

Advancing Macomb’s strategic priorities: 

  1.  Strengthen Advancing Macomb’s Infrastructure 
  2.  Empower Community Development 
  3.  Build a Culture of Giving in Macomb County 

We are looking forward to continuing and creating partnerships to build a culture of collaboration and giving within our Macomb County communities. We will be sharing information on projects, opportunities and results as we go along.

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