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Convening… Connecting… Collaborating… Committing to Macomb County

Posted on August 30, 2021

Today, we at Advancing Macomb are proud to relaunch our blog series. This post and those that follow are intended to inform, engage and – we hope – encourage your personal involvement in the success of Macomb County. 

We will highlight our own organization as well as those of our partners and donors. We will showcase volunteers and communities. We will share successes. We will share challenges. We will write about important issues and trends. Perhaps most important, we will work to inspire you. 

As an orientation, let’s start at the beginning.

What is Advancing Macomb?

Advancing Macomb is Macomb County’s conduit for collaborative community solutions. 

“What does that mean?” you ask.

We provide the philanthropic model and leadership needed to: 

  • cement partnerships among the nonprofit, public and private sectors;
  • identify and attract resources to fund major projects and programs; 
  • and bring increased visibility to Macomb County.

In 2014, a group of Macomb County civic leaders recognized the need for a business-led organization that would drive community development for the county. That same year, Advancing Macomb was born as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Since our inception, we have assembled a highly invested group of Macomb County ambassadors – individuals, small- and large-business owners, and corporate executives who live and work in Macomb County. They are lending their expertise, their resources and their relationships to uncover solutions for success in places where we see challenges, framed by our mission and vision.

  • Our mission: To strengthen Macomb County by connecting community challenges with high-impact solutions.
  • Our vision: A Macomb County community that is thriving, collaborative and philanthropic.

Our goal is simple, but certainly not easy. We want to bring resources together to uplift, improve and empower existing organizations that are delivering needed services to the 27 communities that make up Macomb County. 

We seek to ignite collaboration among people and organizations who care about our county. We work to find funding and build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in our county. We open up a dialog about what’s needed and how we can help to fill that need.

In 2019, Advancing Macomb developed a three-year strategic plan with a focus on connecting non-profit, community and civic organizations’ resources for projects and programs. 

With the collective support of dedicated individuals determined to give back to the communities that helped to define them, Advancing Macomb is doing just that. And, we will continue to provide the leadership and resources needed to inspire collaboration, giving and problem-solving. We will do this by being a voice for philanthropic giving, building capacity of charities impacting our communities and being a champion for initiatives that generate sustainable solutions for our communities.

We are on an exciting journey to strengthen our Macomb County communities and to radiate our spirit of collaboration and success into the broader Southeast Michigan region.

We Want to Hear From You! 

We invite you to join us in making Macomb County an even better place to live, work and play. Send us your stories, give us your feedback and let us know if you see opportunities for us to work together.

It is through your input that we learn and grow. Please write to us at or call us at 586-651-0055.  Also, visit us often on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information about Advancing Macomb and to sign up for our newsletter, visit

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