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How To Make Your Nonprofit Standout on Giving Tuesday

Posted on November 13, 2023

Giving Tuesday, the day of global giving, is only two weeks away. If your nonprofit organization still needs to create a plan or strategy, no worries, we have you covered. Below are some simple and low-cost ideas to help your nonprofit engage current and prospective donors leading up to Giving Tuesday.


1. Create an online fundraising page.

Giving Tuesday is primarily driven through social media, which makes having an online fundraising page an absolute necessity. The page should outline your fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday, communicate your organization’s mission and give examples of how each donation supports that mission. Make sure to include a link to your fundraising page in all social media posts leading up to Giving Tuesday. 


2. Launch a storytelling campaign on social media.

Real stories about the people your organization serves help others understand your mission and work. Gather compelling testimonials from those you serve and share them on social media leading up to Giving Tuesday. Use visuals like photos and video to help tell their story.


3. Use short-form videos to engage your audience. 

Short-form video (less than one minute) is a powerful tool for engaging online audiences. Research shows that viewers remember 95% of a message when delivered by video but only 10% when delivered by text. Instagram Reels are one great way to highlight your nonprofit’s work through video. Consider a behind-the-scenes tour, a meet-the-team video or highlights from recent events. 


4. Create an online wish list.

Wish lists allow donors to feel the immediate impact of their contribution. Consider creating an online wish list with items that help support your organization’s mission. Promote your wish list on social media leading up to Giving Tuesday. 


5. Promote volunteer opportunities.

Not everyone can donate on Giving Tuesday. For those who would like to contribute to your organization in other ways, highlight volunteer opportunities on social media and how to get involved. 


6. Remember to say, “thank you!”

Use the day after Giving Tuesday to thank everyone who donated to your campaign. Communicate how much was raised and how that money will support your organization’s work. 


Giving Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to not only raise funds but to connect with your donors while demonstrating the impact your organization makes each day. We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative and create a successful Giving Tuesday campaign for your nonprofit. 

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