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“I’m an Eastsider!”

Posted on April 22, 2016

By: Billy Craig, Advancing Macomb

Now that spring is here and the birds are singing, it’s exciting to get outside in the open air and enjoy playing in the sun. Whether you say Eastside or Macomb, that’s what it’s all about. It’s getting an ice cream and hanging around Metro Beach or making a day trip to charming downtown Romeo. There are so many great places to go and see, it reminds me why I love being an Eastsider. This county that stretches north of 36 Mile, and reaches east to the beautiful shores of Lake St. Clair is full of wide open spaces and whatever your heart desires. It has so much to offer with so much going on, just go in any direction and you’ll see.

What is Macomb? What are Eastsiders? It’s us, we’re kids, mom’s and dad’s, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas. We’re small business owners, we’re students and teachers, Sheriffs and Police officers, we’re professionals, doctors and lawyers. We’re writers, poets, artists and entertainers. We’re employees to some of the biggest corporations in the world. . .General MotorsFord MotorChryslerGeneral Dynamics to name a few, right here in Macomb.

We have some of the top school districts not just in the state but in the country. If you want to pursue higher education, you can do that right here at Macomb Community College. By the way. . .You can pursue advanced degrees from MSU, Walsh College, Wayne State and much more through the University Center, here in Macomb!

We help people realize their dreams, we help put people on wheels, we help put people in new houses, we help feed America. We’re leaders, doers and achievers, we’re thinkers and innovators that live in the moment but always with an eye to the future. We’re busy people doing busy things and we’re just getting started.

Generation after generation has enjoyed our suburban county with friendly communities, affordable housing, great schools, safe neighborhoods and it’s growing. It’s an inviting welcoming community, the kind of place that people want to live in and walk out breathing the fresh air to get the mail. The culture, the history, it’s a great place to start, raise a family, it’s a place to be a kid, it’s a place to retire, it’s a place to grow, it’s just a great place to be!

So on the weekend, we’re on a picnic, we’re boating on Lake St. Clair, we’re cruising Gratiot on a Harely Davidson or in a classic car, we’re seeing a movie or simply walking the dog while shopping at Partridge Creek. We’re meeting friends at Eos Café and Coffee House or spending the evening at Hamlin Pub. We have so much to do right here and we’re enjoying it with our friends and family. Or maybe, just taking the Fido for a spin around the block.

That’s why I’m an Eastsider……Macomb . . . . . it’s home!

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