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Leading and Advancing in Macomb

Posted on February 9, 2018


Do you know someone who is leading or advancing in Macomb? Do you have a leader in your business, who is an expert in their field or a stand out in the industry? Do you know a business owner or leader of an organization who is growing, innovation and helping to build success in their community? The impact we have on the U.S. economy and the global manufacturing industry starts with our neighbors and colleagues. If you know someone special, let’s share their story with others in Macomb County and throughout the Detroit area.

Write a brief response to one of the question sets below and send it to Advancing Macomb.


  1. Why did you hire this particular person?
  2. What is special about their leadership style?
  3. What makes them stand out in their field or in the metro area?
  4. What was something unique about them?
  5. Are they originally from the area? (Macomb, Detroit metro)
  6. Where did they come from (company) or what is their background?

Business Owner

  1. What is this person’s company or organization?
  2. Have they grown/expanded/relocated from another market or introduced a new product?
  3. What is the distinctive influence they bring this market?
  4. What is unique about this person?
  5. How does this person inspire the people around them?

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