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Macomb County Government offers PPE Program and Resources to Reopen

Posted on June 24, 2020

Macomb County government is offering Back-to-Business kits for businesses, including nonprofit organizations to assist in reopening. According to the County, “the kits will include reusable face coverings, face shields, gloves, a no-touch thermometer and other materials to help protect employees and customers from the highly contagious coronavirus.”

To apply for Back-to-Business Kits, go to

The County’s Resources to Reopen page offers many useful resources to help facilitate reopening for businesses and organizations including:

General Reference and Related Webinars

Ensuring Employee and Customer Safety

Human Resources Guidance

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Samples of Return to Work Guides

Industry-Specific Information and Resources

Local Suppliers for Hand Sanitizer, PPE, and Signage

Printable Signage for Businesses to Use

Go to the Resources to Reopen page to access these resources.

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