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Meet Advancing Macomb Chair: David Girodat

Posted on October 9, 2015

David Girodat is the chairman of Advancing Macomb. Get to know him as he answers questions about what Macomb County means to him.

Tell us…why Macomb?

I am very comfortable to be who I am and what I am here.  I grew up in Macomb County and it set my foundation.

Are you bullish on Macomb?

Absolutely.  Macomb reflects the region.  Downtown’s redevelopment is fueling growth across the region.  Macomb’s high value assets – the defense industry, automotive, our natural resources, Lake St. Clair and the housing market – are all reflecting that growth.

Education in Macomb…Do we have the talent of tomorrow?

We have the capability to educate the talent of tomorrow. Unfortunately however, there is a 10-year gap in talent development that began in the economic downturn.  This is not unique to Macomb – the downturn impacted talent development everywhere.  Companies and institutions simply did not have the resources to fill the pipeline.  Specifically in Macomb, we could leverage our educational assets better.  We have a nationally-acclaimed community college and numerous trade schools.  We should be maximizing these and other key educational assets.

Three favorite destination spots in Macomb….

  1. Partridge Creek – great atmosphere and great public space.
  2. Waterfront – Nautical Mile, Metro Beach (Lake St. Clair Metro Park) – really the entire coastline.
  3. Quality classic dining establishments – Mr. Paul’s, The Brewery

Tell me about Fifth Third Bank.  Why the Detroit area?

Our current 6% share in the Detroit area, translates to a 94% growth opportunity for Fifth Third.  Everyone wants to do business in Macomb – so it’s very competitive for the banking industry.  For Fifth Third, we like being in the traditional business and entrepreneurial space.  We can earn our customers as a trusted advisor.  Doing business in Macomb helps us relate to the critical masses in the Detroit economy.

Why Advancing Macomb?

To strengthen the voice for Macomb business leaders.  That leadership can then drive benefits directly back to residents.  For me, it’s personal…I want to see Macomb do well.

What about David Girodat?

My wife and I raised three girls. While the girls were growing up, I was able to stay in touch with their lives.  I coached basketball – boys and girls – for five years.  All three girls are dancers.  I didn’t coach dancing – but I did attend a lot of recitals!  I attribute much of that connection to my home environment.  Macomb provides a great environment for residents to stay connected at home and succeed in business.

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