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Mount Clemens Profiles: Cam and Rachel Walters

Posted on October 15, 2018

As Advancing Macomb focuses on Mount Clemens, we are highlighting some of the city’s residents. This issue’s focus is on four young adults who all work in, play in and call Mt. Clemens home.

Mount Clemens homeowners

Cam & Rachel Walters


What would you like others to know about Mount Clemens?

It is an amazing city!

Tell us a little about yourself – family, work, recreation/hobbies

Rachel and I have been married for five years. I work for Hunch Free in Downtown Mount Clemens and Rachel owns Rachel Walters Photography out of our house in Mount Clemens. We are both big fans of the outdoors. We go on hiking, canoeing and camping trips all across the state and country.

How long have you lived in Mount Clemens?

We purchased our house in Mount Clemens a little over one year ago.

What do you like best about living, working in Mount Clemens?

Rachel and I both come from a more rural background. We love the city vibe that we get with Mount Clemens and that almost everything we do or need is within a 15 minute drive of us. The other thing we appreciate is that despite the “big city” feel and amenities, our community and neighborhood is really tight knit.

Have you utilized the Clinton River for recreation – boating, fishing, etc.?

Mount Clemens residents use Clinton River for canoeing.Rachel and I are avid canoeists and will paddle different sections of the river throughout the year.

What is your favorite activity/place/restaurant in Mount Clemens? 

Louie’s Ham & Corned Beef on Main Street is our default go-to restaurant. Their omelets are amazing.

Are there any “hidden gems” in Mount Clemens?

We both would say that Downtown Mount Clemens in general is a hidden gem that is often overlooked.

What would you like others to know about Mount Clemens?

There is a ton of potential for Mount Clemens and we are both really excited to be a part of the transformation and revitalization. There is a ton of potential for first time home buyers and the community is super welcoming.

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