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Nonprofit Spotlight: Turning Point

Posted on April 24, 2024

Through the Nonprofit Spotlight series, Advancing Macomb highlights the work of a Macomb-County-based nonprofit. This month we feature Turning Point.

Turning Point provides assistance to more than 10,000 survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking each year, including survivors like “Laura,” who experienced multiple layers of abuse from a domestic partner for many years. Laura was eventually referred to Turning Point’s Transitional Supportive Housing Program, which helped her find a safe and stable place to live with her children, who were also survivors.

Through Turning Point, Laura learned how to set goals for herself, which included gaining economic stability and receiving emotional support through individual counseling to help her and her children cope with the trauma they had faced.

Turning Point also provided Laura with financial assistance and referrals to appropriate community resources. This support helped her secure employment and maintain a consistent income, ultimately enabling her to provide stable housing for herself and her children in the long term.

Located in Mount Clemens, Turning Point provides comprehensive and confidential resources and programs to survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking. Services include a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, housing, personal protection order assistance, trauma advocacy, counseling, legal advocacy, forensic nurse exams, first response advocacy, prevention and community education. All services are free for survivors and their loved ones.

“Human trafficking is ever-present in our communities – and growing. We have expanded our outreach beyond survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence to include survivors of sex and labor trafficking. With the support of a local church, we expect to open a new 9-bedroom, 27-bed shelter that will allow us to provide additional shelter options for survivors of human trafficking,” said Sharman Davenport, CEO of Turning Point.

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“We have expanded our ability to provide exams to survivors of non-fatal strangulation; these exams are critical; survivors often don’t understand the ramifications of non-fatal strangulation on their biological, mental and physical well-being. Even if they survive, there can be issues, especially if they are pregnant,” continued Davenport.

Looking ahead, Davenport wants to add even more housing, which is vital for survivors looking to start a life free of violence. She would also like to expand wraparound services in areas like employment and financial literacy and provide services for survivors in the areas of substance abuse and mental health.

Davenport is also committed to community education and awareness, focusing on prevention. Turning Point staff frequently make presentations at high schools throughout Macomb County to ensure youth know what a healthy relationship looks like and the importance of giving consent.

“We want the public to be educated. We want them to understand how human trafficking and labor trafficking occur. We want them to know how you can protect yourself and your loved ones,” said Davenport.

Davenport credits Advancing Macomb with helping them stay informed of funding opportunities and connecting them to other agencies in the county. She also credits the community for its ongoing support.

“There are numerous ways the community can support Turning Point’s work,” said Davenport. “Some examples include volunteering at our resale shop, Second Hand Rose, helping at special events, providing gift cards for survivors (grocery store, gas, Uber) and making monetary donations. But most importantly, the community can spread the word about our services. Give out our hotline number and listen to and believe survivors.”

Turning Point serves any individual throughout Metro Detroit who needs assistance. Highly trained advocates are available 24/7/365 to provide support, safety planning and resources to anyone in need at 586-463-6990.

For more information about Turning Point and how to get involved, visit

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