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Roseville’s Rock Radio Legend

Posted on June 26, 2017

Born in Mt Clemens and growing up in Roseville, Scott Randall has been active on the rock and roll scene for over 30 years. A collector of jukeboxes and classic pinball machines, he also sings in his own classic rock band “CHIT” doing shows all over the Motor City. Scott began at his high school station WPHS at Cousino High School in Warren. As an aspiring broadcasting professional, he was also spinning tunes as the deejay at the Great Skate in Roseville until it was suggested that he might take his talent to the next level. Attending the nationally-recognized broadcasting school Specs Howard, he was able turn his craft into a lifelong career.

Metro Detroit has a rich history of world-class broadcasting that has grown up right along with the Detroit rock music industry, creating a legendary list of radio personalities. In 1971, WRIF became a trendsetter in the album-oriented rock format and is today, the broadcasting home to one of Detroit’s premier rock and roll personalities, Screamin’ Scott Randall. You can hear him at 101.1 on the FM dial every Monday through Friday occupying the 7pm to 12 am space with his own brand of on air entertainment.

His first professional broadcasting job was in Wapakoneta Ohio, living above a record store (literally taking his work home) while he was spinning hits on WAX 92 in 1983. He then moved to an oldies station outside of Fort Wayne Indiana, in the small town of Decatur. His backyard at the time was a drive-in movie theater that offered him off-air entertainment when getting home. This is all in preparation for his final trip back to the metro Detroit area. Reconnecting to where he started, Roseville, where the memories take him back to early childhood and teenage years. Taking his now highly refined disc jockeying skills to the biggest rock clubs in Detroit like New York New York and The Ritz, he embarked on the beginning of his career today as the personality of Detroit’s rock and roll radio. His region-wide introduction to the Detroit market began as the morning host at WDZR 102.7 Z Rock. As a final-destination, he found his way to the home of rock and roll at WRIF and back to the city of Roseville.

When he talks about Roseville, he talks with a smile about growing up and currently lives comfortably not far from the Macomb Mall. Scott will tell you about the wonderful history of Roseville, from the Mall, The Gratiot Drive-In Theater and taking the bus all over the east side exploring with his friends. From a memory standpoint, he misses the Gratiot Drive In, according to Scott, it was one of the world’s largest screens with a three-tier waterfall facing the street that made it a unique place. He mentions the Roseville Movie Theater and how he wishes the city would take it over and make it a family oriented venue. He says it would be great for local theater groups and the community. Underscoring his appreciation for his home, he says “It’s safe and always a good vibe. A lot of families live in Roseville.” The city has a bright future with dedicated residents that are happy to call it their home.

He’s very fond of local Roseville artist Gonzo, whose studio is located at Utica and Gratiot, further stating that he’s helpful to the city by feeding the homeless. He loves eating at Dooley’s and the classic atmosphere at family-owned Mr. Paul’s Chop House, emphasizing that it’s always a wonderful experience.

His favorite Roseville spot however, is the Macomb Mall. Newly remodeled and a symbol of Roseville’s renewal, this is also home to many memories for Scott. He recalls the first time he saw Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, back to school shopping, entertainment, and the numerous carnivals that came through the mall in the summer. In recalling other key memories, like the first time he played a pinball machine, he remembers the stores that once graced the hallways of the Macomb Mall – the Cunningham Drug Store, Montgomery Wards, Crowley’s and the Crowley’s Lunch Counter.

In addition to his legendary career, Scott is also an active philanthropist. With the help of the radio station, he started The Screamin Angels, an organization that gives back to the community for a variety of causes throughout the year. Scott Randall, local legend and dedicated resident – thanks for making Macomb your home.

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