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Summer Soiree 2019

Posted on July 25, 2019

The good vibes at Advancing Macomb’s annual Summer Soiree on June 16 were not dampened by the weather. The event was sponsored by Trion Solutions and hosted by board member Maria Silamianos and her husband, Craig Sherman, at their home. The gathering allowed for Advancing Macomb board members, trustees and other community stakeholders to gather together to learn about what the organization has accomplished and make connections to help set the course for the near future. 

Macomb County Executive, Mark Hackel, was in attendance and gave the crowd an overview of some of the projects taking place by the county. Dave Girodat, Advancing Macomb’s Board Chair, thanked the attendees for their involvement in the organization and spoke on the efforts that the Advancing Macomb has made to enhance Macomb County as a premier place to live, work and play.  

The event encouraged the relationship building and networking that is necessary to deepen the organization’s impact in the county and beyond.  

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