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Who’s Advancing in Macomb: John Myers III, C.J. Barrymore’s Entertainment

Posted on May 7, 2018

John Myers III has risen through the ranks at C.J. Barrymore’s Entertainment to become part of the executive management team at the Clinton Township entertainment center. Myers says “For the past 22 years I have operated C.J. Barrymore’s, a multi-million dollar Macomb County based business that, under my leadership, has doubled in size during the last decade and continues to grow substantially each year. I have gained valuable experience in financial planning, projecting growth, and gaining value for the dollar, while also never losing sight of the big picture: ensuring that every dollar spent provides a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests, while also maximizing the return for our business. The best part about my job is my 300 plus staff they help to keep the train on the tracks.”

He sets his standards high for his employees as they are the front line of customer service. Myers handpicks his staff and expects a lot from both applicants and current employees. He wants them to make a good impression, starting at the interview. C.J. Barrymore’s is in the business of fun, so it is a place that people want to work and he has many staff members who are there year after year.

Beyond his work, Myers’ passion is educating youth and helping to prepare them for the real world. His interest in community service “was first piqued as student body president of Chippewa Valley High School.” he says. “Since then, I have consistently looked for ways to help make Macomb County an exceptional place to live and work. It is my belief that the Macomb County community has endless possibilities for growth and will continue to be a place where families will choose to live because of exceptional services, both at the County and City level.”

He spends much of his personal time building mentoring relationships with local youth through partnerships he has developed with area schools such as Huron Academy, Chippewa Valley High School, and Eastpointe High School. Myers says, “I have the privilege of mentoring hundreds of youth in many Macomb County school districts. Educating our youth on Personal Branding and Career Readiness skills. Mentorship is important to help of future leaders excel in the real world and beyond.”

In addition to his mentoring projects, Myers has been involved in the American Cancer Society’s Associate Board of Ambassadors and the Detroit Economic Club.  “Macomb County has been my home for twenty-three years but I’ve had the privilege of residing in Sterling Heights for the last sixteen. As a community activist, I have the pleasure of being socially responsible to my local community and beyond.”

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